Why we must act Now

Road accidents are now the third highest killer in Zambia behind Malaria and HIV/AIDS. And like those killer diseases, road crashes prey on the young, the poor and the vulnerable, yet by comparison to these killers, road injury is utterly neglected. Zambia has less than 0.02% of the world’s registered vehicles, but almost 14 times the proportion of fatalities from road traffic accidents.

We are calling on the everyone to take urgent action to stop the daily tragedy of preventable deaths and injuries on the Zambian roads. Road safety is a shared responsibility. Reducing risk on Zambian roads requires commitment and informed decision-making by government, industry, non-governmental organisations and international agencies. It also requires the participation of people from many different disciplines, including road engineers, law enforcement officers, media professionals, health professionals, educators, and community groups. We hope this event will help inspire people to become conscious about their safety and safety of others on our roads. We need to act now to curb the avoidable trauma we see every day.”

See diagram below about Road Accidents in Zambia.