On behalf of the Board, Management and staff of PUMA Energy Zambia, I am pleased for the support that our company has rendered to the Zambia Road Safety Trust to improve road safety in Zambia.

We are happy to support the hosting of this event as well as supporting the printing of the Road Safety Strategy 2020.

Last year, PUMA Energy Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Puma Energy, our global company, partnered with the Zambia Road Safety Trust and successfully launched the Child Road Safety Programme in Zambia benefiting about 20,000 primary school children.

This year, we have continued that partnership by extending the support to Copperbelt province starting with Fredrick Chiluba Primary School in Ndola which has over 3,000 pupils.

These initiatives form part of a broader regional programme which we are rolling out across 10 countries in Africa, and impacting over 115,000 school children.

Guest of Honour Sir, with our drivers making about 8,900 trips every month as they transport thousands of litres of our products by road; we are alarmed by rates of road traffic deaths in the country.

This has led us to embark on a series of campaigns to promote safer roads in Zambia.

Our most notable initiatives in this regard have been holding weekly staff road safety talks at all of PUMA Energy’s locations in Zambia, hosting weekly road safety education programmes on various radio stations and launching the ‘Be Road Safe’ policy which highlights eight key road risks.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to appeal to all road users to help make roads safer for children by adhering to road rules set by the Road Transport and Safety Agency. I particularly urge drivers to employ our ‘Be Road Safe’ tactics and desist from dangerous driving, poor road craft, speeding, driving while intoxicated or fatigued and using their mobile phones while driving.

With those few remarks, I wish for a successful implementation of the Zambia Road Safety Trust Road Safety Strategy 2020.

I thank you all.