Our Work

Outline of activities and events undertaken by the Zambian Road Safety Trust recently.


• Produce road safety awareness campaign materials for targeted road safety interventions
• Organise workshops/seminars on road safety by demonstrating through the use of seatbelts, helmet wearing and reduce drink driving, speed and other risk factors
• Integrate international road safety awareness events such as UN Global Road Safety Awareness Week and World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims into road safety plans nationally and at local level.
• Host annual road safety awards ceremony, Road Safety Fundraising Concert and relevant events in creating awareness and promotion of Road Safety
• Develop specific educational measures aimed at vulnerable road users. In particular:
o Safe crossing by pedestrians
o Awareness of intoxicated pedestrians
o Use of personal protection equipment for cyclists and motorcyclists
o Awareness of blind spots on high ways
o Road users and workers at road works
o Care for the young road users
o Promote the voluntary use of high visibility material for pedestrians, cyclists & motorcyclists.

Zambian Road Safety Trust donates Yebo Soap to University Teaching Hospital road accident ward in supporting of victims remembrance day campaign in Zambia

• Provides support to those bereaved or injured by road collisions and campaign for justice, rights and recognition for Road Crash Victims
• Provide emotional support including a national helpline for road crash victims and a befriending network
• Create a crash victim support office to provide practical information, advocacy, and emotional support for road crash victims.
• Create a national crash victims support fund in partnership with the government, work with the insurance companies to introduce and encourage the establishment of appropriate road user insurance schemes to help finance rehabilitation crash victims.


• Advocate, raise the profile of road safety and help all road users understand the risks of their behaviour to themselves and others
• Supports the work of the Zambia Police and enforcement agencies to the general Public to ensure that the public understands their objectives
• Monitoring and/ or supporting the implementation of road signs in collaboration with local authorities and funding from corporate partners and stakeholders
• Advocate for the utilization of 10% of infrastructure investments for road safety in all new road projects across the country
• Lobbying for and ensuring sustained funding for road safety initiatives across the country
• Supporting local authorities to adopt ownership & accountability of road safety local initiatives in their localities and support development of local road safety schemes
• Work with the government enforcement agencies to review and strengthen road traffic offences

• Gathers data and monitor statistics of traffic deaths, injuries and road crashes to improve road safety in Zambia
• Partners with companies, development agencies, and others stakeholders on projects that target specific aspects of road traffic;

1. Zambian Road Safety Trust conducted seatbelt survey in Lusaka and Ndola monitoring seatbelt wearing rates for over 825 vehicles
2. Zambian Road Safety Trust provided traffic control and event management support in Lusaka
3. Zambian Road Safety Trust provided road safety training to 10,000 primary school pupils in Lusaka
4. Zambian Road Safety Trust conducted a Pedestrian safety survey along the recently expanded Mumbwa Road
5. Zambian Road Safety Trust conducted Seatbelt education and awareness campaign at Lusaka Inter City Bus Station
6. Zambian Road Safety Trust conducts Weekly Road Safety Awareness radio programmes on Millennium Community radio station
7. Zambian Road Safety Trust conducted A Pedestrian Safety Awareness campaign along busy Lumumba Road
8. Zambian Road Safety Trust donated medical supplies to UTH accident victims ward
9. Zambian Road Safety Trust Signed MOU with a Botswana Road Safety NGO
10. Trust initiated a National Day of Remembrance For Road Crash Victims in Zambia Campaign to be commemorated annually on 7th February.

quarters in Lusaka.

The Zambian Road Safety Trust has five key areas of operations:

  • Advocacy and Campaigns
  • Data and Research
  • Support for Crash Victims
  • First-Aid to Crash Victims
  • Education and Awareness

The Zambian Road Safety recognises and embraces the valuable work undertaken by the many organisations that contribute to road casualty prevention and reduction in Zambia. Over the period of our activities, stakeholders will need to continue and extend this collaboration, and a wider group of organisations will need to become involved. Because improvement of road safety is affected by the availability of sustained resources, both in terms of appropriately qualified staff and finance, we are appealing to work in collaboration with other organisations.

NB: As a registered non-profit company, Zambian Road Safety Trust relies very much on the good will and support of businesses and other organisations for the financial support they give in terms of its various events and activities.