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Zambia Road Safety Trust - Road Safety Instructor (RSI) Teaching Children at New Kanyama Primary School on their own Road Safety
Zambia Road Safety Trust – Road Safety Instructor (RSI) Teaching Children at New Kanyama Primary School on their own Road Safety

Road safety directly involves all road users – virtually the entire population of ZAMBIA. It is a complex issue encompassing a diverse range of problems and solutions. Roads are the most dangerous environment in which the majority of people will ever operate, yet they feel relatively safe and society accepts a higher casualty rate than for other forms of transport or environment.

Road traffic accidents do not have a single cause. They result from a number of contributory factors that combine in a way that leads to a road user failing to cope in a particular situation.

The Zambian Road Safety Trust is seeking private sector donors to support a major new campaign, to protect children on Zambia’s roads.

In 2014, traffic accidents killed more than 200 children in Zambia, injuring or disabling almost 1389.

The Trust recognizes that road safety for children is an important maternal and child health issue. Children who are increasingly safe from communicable diseases are threatened by the prospect of death or injury on the roads. Not only are children at high risk in vehicles, on bicycles they are very vulnerable as pedestrians and are often killed or injured in the simple act of walking to school.

Educating road users about road safety is one of our priorities of our Road Safety Strategy 2015-2020 in supporting government to reduce road death by 50% by 2020. The Strategy acknowledges that education plays a crucial role in permanently reducing deaths and injuries on Zambia’s roads.

Raising awareness and increasing understanding of road safety issues among schoolchildren is one of the primary targets of the Strategy’s action plan.

Since the out launch in 2014, the ZRST has implemented a comprehensive integrated road safety education programme in pre-school and primary schools. This has been done in partnership many organisations including the Ministry of Education working with our international partner NGO Amend and supported by Puma Energy Zambia Plc and Puma Energy Foundation.

As part of this, the ZRST has developed a range of road safety material and trained Road Safety Instructors to educated school children about road safety as it applies to all road users – pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and motorists.

We are now appealing for additional private sector partners to continue to support this important initiative.
Together, we can save the lives of Children.

We are keen to work with partners in a way that makes best use of their resources, which achieves their strategic objectives – and of course, which furthers our own aims. We undertake an extensive PR and marketing programme , offering excellent promotional opportunities for our partners.Your brand will be seen in all our promotional channels, including our printed publicity, on our website, press releases, in our e-newsletters and on social media platforms.

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