Our Board of Trustees


The Zambian Road Safety Trust is structured as a company limited by guarantee (company No. 95180) and operated under the stewardship of a Board of Directors. The Trust Board of Directors are responsible for the overall direction of the organization’s programs and its business operations, and is governed by the Articles of Association in its work. The Trust Board of Directors is composed of a diverse group of community members who bring passion, commitment, skills and expertise to ensure successful implementation of the Vision of the Trust.

Board Members

Mr. Daniel Mwamba -Board Chair

Mr. George Malama -National Secretary

Mr. Edward Phiri -National Vice Secretary

Ms Susan Mwanza -National Treasurer

Father Elias Muma -National Publicity Secretary

Mr. Longa Chibesakunda -Board Member

Mr. Paul Mwanza -Board Member

Mr.Robert Mtonga -Board Member

Mrs. Bridget Atanga -Board Member

Mrs Janet Mwenya -Board Member

Ms Elizabeth Ngala -Board Member

Mr. Mailos Mwale -Board Member