Get Involved

Here you can find out more information about joining the Zambian Road Safety Trust. There are lots of reasons for you to join with lots of benefits. ZRST  is reliant on volunteer support, donations and fundraising to enable us to work to end the carnage on roads, make communities safer, and provide emergency care for people devastated by road death and injury.

You can also support ZRST through volunteering, campaigning or fundraising. If you’re a youth and unemployed, find out how you can get free training in First-Aid and Road Safety Campaign Awareness.

If you’re an employer, find out how you can work with us through our corporate partnership opportunities.

If you’re an educator find out more about our work with schools and communities.

For international organisations, we are looking for help with Ambulances and experienced personal to train us. Please give whatever support you can to this worthy cause and help ensure that accident victims are given the chance to receive life-saving urgent medical care.

Send us an email to or call us on 00 26 097 4091763/ 00 26 0961475610.