About Us


The Zambian Road Safety Trust (ZRST) is the Zambia’s leading Road Safety charity, which is an all inclusive, non partisan, non-profit organisation that seeks to create awareness on road safety issues in Zambia and contribute towards reduction in road traffic crashes, injuries and loss of lives.


The vision of the Trust is to match and exceed international Road Safety excellence consistent with the Safe System approach to free Zambia’s roads from death and serious injury.


    To change the culture of Zambian road users and authorities to one of awareness of, passion for and genuine commitment to, Road Safety
    To be a Zambian peak body for Road Safety
    To research, advocate, develop and promote standards for Road Safety initiatives and programmes
    To raise awareness of the terrible social and economic cost of failure to adequately address Road Safety

The Zambian Road Safety Trust (ZRST) was an initiative that received a lot of support from the late former President Sata and Honourable Yamfwa Mukanga, MP, Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications who officiated its launch on 26th April 2014. The Trust, legally registered as a non-profit organisation in Zambia has a chance to significantly contribute to help save lives on Zambian roads. The Trust has particular role to play in terms of personalizing the Road Safety Issue, creating a sense of urgency and generating a demand for safety from the public.

The Zambian Road Safety Trust uses its position and influence to ensure that national road safety legislation and policies address casualty reduction needs by raising the inherent safety and protective quality of road networks for the benefit of all road users, especially the most vulnerable (e.g. pedestrians, children, women, bicyclists and motorcyclists).

The Trust has over 1000 members and volunteers across Zambia most of them who feel that they have a responsibility to do something about road carnage. The Trust through its members provides road safety education and awareness campaigns, road safety advocacy , road safety research, victims support, traffic wardens, event stewards, event management crowd control, first-aid and disaster emergency response. All members and volunteers have Police Clearance Certificates and received first-aid training by the Zambia Red Cross Society which includes resuscitation and defibrillator use.


The Trust has adopted a safe system philosophy on road safety. This is a holistic method that aims to minimise the risk of death or serious injury on the roads by taking into account the interaction between roads, vehicles, speeds and road users.

While people are fallible and often do make mistakes on the road, road trauma should not be accepted as inevitable. Within the safe systems model, if a mistake is made on the road the impact is severely reduced or negated by safer roads, safer vehicles, safer speeds and safer people.

In a road crash, the amount of force a person can absorb depends on the amount of protection they have. This protection is increased when we work within the rules of the safe system, resulting in no death or injury. The safe system approach is only effective when rules are obeyed – such as keeping to speed limits, avoiding dangerous driving as well as the provision of safe roads and safe vehicles.


• Member of Global Alliance of NGOs on Road Safety
• Member of International Road Federation
• Affiliate of the Zambia Red Society